What does it mean to take care for the customer?

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It is common to hear “the customer is always right”; This is not necessarily true. But then, what is it about? the client wants what anyone: to be happy, to feel appreciated and supported.

Let’s talk about caring for our customers. Nowadays it is unlikely that the product or service that our company sells is exclusive, or that a monopoly is owned. Someone can buy a product with countless dealers; So, what is that difference that will make them buy it with us? Service quality is the essential factor on which successful companies are focusing.

Critical routes have been written on this subject, systematized processes developed, Implementation of CRM’s and all that. However, sometimes a vital factor on dealing with customers has been overlooked, that factor has to do with empathy, because of the real concern about what the client needs.

If I were the customer, would it be better for me to buy the product or service I intend to sell? Do you really need what I’m selling to you? These are some questions that one should ask. The push is not about the financial part of a transaction, it is about helping and caring for the client by providing something that will really work for them; This creates real empathy.

An expert in attention and service could say to an avid customer for buying something: “I cannot sell you such a service because the feasibility analysis has determined that it will not be successful and you will only waste your money.” This may sound aggressive but shows genuine commitment and honesty; We will even say that it is elegant, since it takes away the feeling of “we are urgently selling something”. What is urgent for us is to truly help you, and that may include recommending changing the business model or acquiring what you need with another provider that specializes in that. Maybe in that scenario we will not close the desired sale but that client will recommend you and never forget that you were honest with him.

Suppose a lady arrives to buy a cell phone. A premium model worth $ 2000 draws her attention; It looks pretty.

A regular seller will just say how much does it costs, what plans are available, and tell her the specifications (which one can read in the equipment box). It may be that the sale is closed, but the client when leaving the store will completely forget the seller and even the store. His experience was not significant, so why remember something like that?

A service-oriented and empathetic seller with the same customer could observe different things in his client: “Ok, the lady is around 60 years old, wears glasses”.

Once this was done, he would offer her a glass of water (to begin with, the lady will say “they never offered me water in a cell phone store!”).

– Madam, I dare to ask you some questions to better guide you when buying your cell phone: Do you play video games on your cell phone?

– Not at all, I don’t understand those things!

– So you don’t need a smartphone with a Snapdragon 835 processor

– Do you usually take a bath with your cell phone or go into the pool with it?

– No never.

– Then you do not need it to be waterproof.

– I see you are wearing glasses; did you see the size of the screen? Let’s turn it on for you to experience.

– Oh, son, now that you say it, it is hard for me to read on this screen.

– So, would you like a larger screen and keyboard with large letters?

– Yes of course, that would be great.

– Do you usually take notes in meetings or courses?

– Not at all, I’m a housewife

– Madam this equipment is a $2000 dollars device. The reason you like it, is Its aesthetics?

– Yes, it is very nice, and I love the golden color!

– I have an smartphone with a larger screen, without an attached pen that would rise the cost and in a beautiful golden color that costs $500 dollars ; To be honest ,there is also a similar one at $300, but the battery lasts half the time and tends to get stuck when you open the applications so I do not recommend it. You can save $ 1,500 and have just what you need …

Do you think the client will forget the seller and the store? You have won a recurring customer, who will recommend you and talk about your service the next time you have coffee with your friends. Someone worried about her and not about money. Apparently “you lost a higher commission” but in reality, you have earned a lot and in the long run.

Take care for the clients, for really helping them and providing them with what they need and they will take care of you.

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