We are a consulting firm that specializes in tailor-made solutions for Family Governance and Family Office Development, Corporate Governance including Corporate Restructuring, Organizational Development and Strategic Project Management.

Strave was founded on the 11th of November 2011 with the idea to provide a fresh approach to boutique Consulting with highly customized services that can look beyond surface symptoms, find the underlying reasons a group isn’t expanding or functioning as it should and then get these corrected.

Our name is actually a shortening of Strategic Alignment of Vectors for Expansion, or Strave for short. Every company, group and even a family is a combination of many different people, each with a different drive going in a certain direction. Our primary philosophy is that when all strengths and forces are perfectly aligned in an exact strategic direction, that group will attain its maximum capacity for power and expansion. And every action we take will always work toward that precise factor: Strategic Alignment.

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Darius Wilhere / Family Governance

Hay muy pocas cosas de las que se habla tanto como de dinero o amor. Pero hay todavía menos cosas que son tan desastrosas como la combinación de esos dos, ¿por qué es que la búsqueda del éxito financiero está tan a menudo acompañada por desastres que nunca ves venir? Como la destrucción de tu familia.

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10 Aug 2016


We have a strong desire to support organizations working to improve our world; a vital part of our social responsability vision and corporate governance includes helping these organizations.


Strave is open to talented people who want to be part of our firm. Send us a message